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K2 Consulting Partners is a new unique Business and IT Consulting company that is set to revolutionise the way consulting projects are staffed and delivered to clients in the UK:

  • Our price point means that clients no longer have to look to use an offshore model for its consulting delivery needs, all our consultants are currently UK based.
  • Consulting firms no longer have to face the conundrum of building more business and building up a bench - we can fundamentally minimise bench costs.
  • A leadership team that has over 100 years experience in leading and growing consulting practices, and delivering to clients.
  • We have led and delivered some of the largest and most impactful client programs globally. We know what works.
  • Quality has been built into our business design from day 1; it is not an afterthought.
  • Our consultants want a rewarding consulting career but with the benefits of being self employed - we build careers

“This is the first major change in the consulting delivery model in the last 10 years”


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Our Core Values

Scale | Value | Quality

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The New Way Forward

The traditional consulting model is being fundamentally challenged.

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How We Manage Quality

Quality has been built in to K2CP’s business model and structure.

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Partnership Structure

The foundation of our model is a trusted partnership.

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