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Core Partners

K2CP has a growing number of partners that provide our capability, and the 3000 Associates in our network. Each partner has passed our quality standards and brings a unique capability that adds to K2CP's mission of being a full business and IT consulting company. Our partner network is made up of the 3 founding partners (Barnsnape, Newton and Searchlight) and our core partners. Details of our core partners are below:

Monro Consulting

Monro Consulting specialises in helping complex organisations to become more effective. Our goal is to help clients achieve viable organisation change: to be more efficient and more effective; to deliver more for less. We have in-depth experience working with clients who operate in complex and highly regulated sectors, with a particular focus on central government, local government and other public sector bodies. We also have experience across specialist private sector areas including: aerospace and defence, outsourcing and managed services, transport and logistics, and telecommunications.

Our key service lines are:  

Strategy and innovation   Performance improvement    Programme delivery          Process design

Organisation design         Enterprise architecture         Technology and service integration


Ingersoll Engineers

Ingersoll Engineers is a specialist advisory firm, and one of the best known and most respected brands in the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors. The name is synonymous with quality, innovation and real expertise.  From its roots in the Ingersoll Milling Group, Ingersoll Engineers has been defining and redefining best practice in its chosen sectors since 1963.  Today, the Firm continues to unite some of the most experienced consultants in the UK around a single, simple aim: to be the industry standard for manufacturing, supply chain and engineering expertise – respected, valued, trusted.

 We achieve this aim by:

  • Focussing 100% on the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors.
  • Focussing 100% on the specialist skills demanded by these sectors, rather than generic consulting offerings.
  • Employing only genuine subject matter experts with these specialist skills, developed over at least 15 years of relevant experience.
  • Continuously investing in our belief that we have a unique, significant and value-adding role to play in these sectors.

Quale Partners

 Quale is a niche Consultancy. Our focus is on End2End Quality to ensure that our clients arrive at the right result without jeopardizing
their Brand. For any digital transformation to be a success, it needs to be rooted in the business strategy. With our clients, we tackle and
solve complex challenges without taking refuge in standard methodologies. Co-actively we configure the solution to match the needs
of the challenge, keeping a dual focus on business objectives and execution.

A core value in the way that we work and think is co-creation, an outcome of this is our Diagnostic and Advisory service offerings that has emerged from combining state of the art methods seasoned with Lean & Agile and then topped with deep subject matter experience.

Key service offerings are:
Quality Maturity Assessment,
Root Cause investigations,
Second Opinion 
Professional Steering board member service.



 This page is being updated on an ongoing basis and as such not all core partners are included yet. We will be adding more details over the coming weeks.